You can reach us 24/7 via our communication channels for cardboard bag models in the desired size and design. Cardboard bags are the best way for others to advertise your brand. Furthermore, if the cardboard bags are made of high quality, it will increase the value of your company or your brand even more.


Upon request, after the processes such as cellophane, lacquer, embossing and foil, packaging process is carried out according to the approval of our quality control team and made ready for shipment.


The sectors that prefer Small Cardboard Bags are usually Jewelers, silversmiths, watchmakers and opticians, jewelry and accessory stores and souvenir shops.


Cardboard bags of any size can be prepared according to the concepts of the companies participating in the fair.


Base reinforcement will be used in cardboard bags.

Paper: Coated, American and Kraft

Hanger: Rope, Ribbon, Paper

Printing Features: Matte & Glossy Cellophane, Lacquer, Gilding Printing, 4 Color Printing

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