Box design and production is made in desired sizes and purposes. We serve with the design and quality that will best reflect the identity of the company.


The design and quality of the box used is an important factor for product presentations and logistics. Researches conducted worldwide have also revealed that the packaging of the product has an important role in the decision-making process of the buyer.


Upon request, after the processes such as cellophane, lacquer, embossing and foil, packaging process is carried out according to the approval of our quality control team and made ready for shipment.



Main sectors; shoes, wine, soap, jewelry, food, textile etc.

Boxes can be prepared in any size according to the concepts of the companies participating in the fair.

Paper: Coated, American and Kraft

Hanger: Rope, Ribbon, Paper

Printing Features: Matte & Glossy Cellophane, Lacquer, Gilding Printing, 4 Color Printing

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