Fabric Printing Types

  • Japanese Akmaz Fabric
  • Contact Native Akmaz directly
  • Genuine Woven Satin Fabric
  • Satin Fabric (British Satin)
  • Ribbon Printing Label
  • Carpet Cleaning Label (Perferaj)
  • Adhesive Fabric Printing

Technicial Specifications

  • Electric Control and Meter Printing Technique
  • Four Color Printing Unit
  • 3 Front 1 Back Printing Feature
  • Nylonprint Film and Plate Unit
  • Polyester - Satin - Domestic Akmaz - European Akmaz
  • Japanese Akmaz - Print on British Satin Fabrics

Photo Gallery

Fabric printing label; is a label product, also known as a textile accessory label, which includes articles such as washing instructions, product specifications, instructions for use of the product, etc.

In the Fabric Printing Label Department, water-based and UV dyes can be printed on ribbons, fabrics, adhesive paper and plastic materials. In general, textile brands and washing instructions and labels with less precision are produced. These labels are the basic elements of our products today. Print labels are used to declare product specifications and product usage instructions, but they are an element of the image of your product. Generally, the labels inside the products are produced by printing on various types of fabrics used to give information about the product, manufacturer, importer, place of production or to inform the consumer about the legal warnings and instructions.