Hang Tags Label Types

  • Plastered Label
  • Cellophane Label
  • Lacquered-Partial Lacquered Label
  • Gilded Printed Label
  • Embossing Label
  • Lens Sticker
  • UV Printed and Lacquered Label on PVC

Technical Specifications

  • Letterpress hanger (Numerator)
  • Computer Graphics and Design Studies
  • Trigromi Printing
  • 1.Dough - Coated - Autocopy - American Cardboard
  • Fantasy Paper - Brochure - Letterhead - Invoice - Waybill
  • Envelope - Box - Printing Documents
  • Cellophane Cutting Unit
  • Sealing and Foil Stamping Unit
  • Shaped Special Blade Cutting Systems

Photo Gallery

Today, the label is the image of the brand. A good product should express itself in a very short time. This is only possible with a label that activates the consumer and leaves a long lasting effect. All kinds of offset printed products are produced in endless color labels, brochures and box packages by using all kinds of paper and cardboard materials in our sheet offset printing facilities.

We produce special cardboard labels with unlimited number of paper types and applications produced for you, with the support of graphic design at the design stage of our label.