Woven Label Types

  • Polished Label
  • Hot Cut Label
  • Embossed (Seersucker) Label
  • Cut-Fold Label
  • Butterfly Folded Label
  • Label with tape

Technicial Specifications

  • Black - White Warp Label Weaving Machines
  • Taffeta and Scarf Satin Woven
  • Ironing System Providing Smoothness and Touchability of Label
  • Resistance Hot Cutting Unit
  • 120 cm Width and 20 cm Reported Weaving Unit
  • Computer Linked Weaving Looms
  • Computerized Pattern Drawing
  • Pattern 8 Color Weft Weaving
  • Label Cut Folding Unit

Photo Gallery

Expertise of Netsan is to choose the right production technique according to the type and location of the label and to prepare your labels for final use with the most appropriate processes.

The woven label used in almost all textile products has an important place in terms of the image of your brand. Weaving label production, which is one of the most important production areas of our company, is realized in our latest system machines in our machine park. Your labels are optionally cut and packaged and delivered.